Friday, 24 April 2009

The Wanted Ads - Young Team Of The Year

I was recently lucky enough to take part in this day long competition, set up by The Newspaper Society!
I worked in a partnership with Rosie Collins competing against 20 other pairs of young creatives working on a live brief set by HSBC. The brief was centered around their world investment scheme and getting people to come into branches to learn more about it.
The Newspaper society works specifically with local media and thus the idea of the day was to make the ideas work on a local level. We had to come up with ways to intrigue and excite people and thus make them want to go into their local branch to discover more. HSBC is such a huge global brand and so to take it down and make it work specifically for local communities was tricky! However we worked hard and at the end of the day we came out with a final idea which we then presented to a panel of judges made up of industry professionals. It was an immensely beneficial experience presenting to these individuals, they were highly knowledgeable and gave great input and we learnt alot presenting and talking about an idea professionally. Thanks to all the judges for taking time out for the event!

Sadly we didnt win the competition- However there is still the people's vote! 

 Here you can find our idea and all the others. 
Whilst here you can also vote for your favorite ad - give us a vote, we could win some champagne!

To accompany the people's vote St.Lukes created a viral ad which was sent to over 2000 agency contacts to raise awareness about the young team of the year contest.


We're in it for a second ( although let down by my partners acting...!).

A great day thanks to all involved!

*Oh also Brand Republic posted an article on the viral and a screenshot of us appears alongside!

Funny stuff.


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