Tuesday, 28 April 2009


When visiting Chicago i was given a brief entitled, 'People watching'. The brief asked us produce outcomes that talked about and expressed network and exchange between people in Chicago.

Whilst in Chicago i found the way many of the homeless behaved very interesting - they were very different to any i had ever encountered before. They were friendly and polite and knew exactly how to work their 'clients'. I found them somewhat entrepreneurial as they worked hard, and well for their money. They didn't appear like what you what class a tramp - they were often clean and looked happy and healthy. These entrepreneurial tramps fitted in perfectly amongst the clean, crisp business district - not shunned to the dirtier areas. It felt as though they were part of the financial district and a successful industry themselves to boot.

These are two photographs i took and placed together to express that the tramps are a part of the working financial district and a highly successful one at that. 

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