Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Beginning Of...

This piece of work was created in a partnership of myself and Charlotte Cooper.

Brief - 'The Beginning Of..'

From a list of words to work with this title we selected : Civilization.

Most of what makes up our civilization comes from the ground. This image aims to over exaggerate this with a hive of activity going on to express what could be going on right under our feet to make up our world! It was created to be projected onto the floor in an X-ray style to really give the feel we are getting a view into the underground, with people simply treading over unawares of the intense activity going on underground to make up our civilization.

This is the image we projected - a series of papercuttings then scanned into photoshop and worked on more - The images of the projections in action will follow shortly.


Coop said...

Slap a big watermark over it mate.

Chris Zammit said...

yo jonny this is really impressive stuff man. nice one
is your course illustration with animation? you going the illustration route?

big loves, blapse